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scott wilson

“The place is shabby.”

— L. Ron Hubbard, founder of Scientology, on heaven.

I have been described as “sports-indie” and more recently as “a horrible bastard”.

My formative years were spent playing violent video games, reading the writings of drug addled, alcohol addicted lunatics, and watching American genre television almost compulsively. Today I exist in a world of synthesised music, effects units and internal monologues, trying to wrest control back from the vain, the shallow and the moronic for my own equally worthless aims.

I do this primarily through writing about music at my Urlaubshits blog, a place where internet music criticism and discussion can be something more than a shallow excuse for self promotion. At Edinburgh, I will be imposing my taste on whomever is willing to listen when I join Ad Hoc (as Urlaubshits) to perform a seminal DJ set that will probably have 2manydjs and their legions of laptop wielding acolytes quite worried. I will also be performing spoken word neo-shoegaze electro-pop as College Boy Commie.

Anyone who has ever experienced my bile first hand will know what to expect.

Web: Urlaubshits

Peckham, 2007