Membership of What They Could Do, They Did is defined by participation and contribution, and results in a complex, unstable web of formal relationships. We each operate simultaneously as independent agents and as part of the wider social construct.

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Kathryn Corlett

She stood ... She fell ... She tried to stand again and tumbled to the floor.

She crawled across the room and stood against the wall, turning and clutching imagined supports, tottering from one foot to the other.

They beckoned to her and She came, falling over and over again in quick succession.
Appreciating each ascents required descent. Forever.

I make pictures. Each one I make gets closer to being solid, but they may never solidify. This is not a bad thing.

Web: kathryncorlett.co.uk

Flyer, Edinburgh 2006
Exhibition flyer, Edinburgh 2006
Flyer, The Great Escape
Flyer, Attitude is Everything
Looking down
Adventures in Emo-stration 1
Flyer, Peckham 2007
Exhibition flyer, Peckham 2007