Membership of What They Could Do, They Did is defined by participation and contribution, and results in a complex, unstable web of formal relationships. We each operate simultaneously as independent agents and as part of the wider social construct.

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julia hodgson

Born in 1982, the unwanted lovechild of Postman Pat and Sheerah - Princess of Power, Julia spent her early years being raised by a family of squirrels who adopted her as their own. With thoughts of fortune and glory, Julia left the nest in her teenage years to pursue a different path, and despite considerable skills in both climbing and foraging Julia had aspirations of being the greatest quiz show contestant of all time. In the years that that followed she enjoyed record-breaking success as the champion of 'Catchphrase', 'Blockbusters' and 'Wheel of Fortune'. Unfortunately Julia lost her considerable wealth of prizes including her brand new Mini Metro from 'Bulls eye' to Ant and Dec during a game of high stakes Tiddley Winks.

Despite this Julia still longed for a creative outlet in life, and her artistic career began with painting the eyes on action men. Quite inexplicably this led to her enrolment at the University of Bristol where she continued using her appearance of a photography student as a guise for her ongoing plans for world domination.

Web: juliahodgson.com