Membership of What They Could Do, They Did is defined by participation and contribution, and results in a complex, unstable web of formal relationships. We each operate simultaneously as independent agents and as part of the wider social construct.

Index of artists
ed gillett

"Here on this ring of grass we have sat together, bound by the tremendous power of some inner compulsion. The trees wave, the clouds pass. The time approaches when these soliloquies shall be shared. We shall not always give out a sound like a beaten gong as one sensation strikes and then another. Children, our lives have been gongs striking; clamour and boasting; cries of despair; blows on the nape of the neck in gardens. "Now, grass and trees, the travelling air blowing empty spaces in the blue which they then recover, shaking the leaves which then replace themselves, and our ring here, sitting, with our arms binding our knees, hint at some other order, and better, which makes a reason everlastingly."

-- Virginia Woolf - The Waves

ed gillett cannot or does not:
1. sing
2. play
3. compose
4. muster even the smallest confidence in his abilities or work
5. get through a performance without lots of gin
6. call his mother as often as he should

ed gillett can and does:
1. sing
2. play
3. compose
4. believe in the goodness of what he makes
5. perform with joy and fearlessness
6. love you

his songs at edinburgh are about memory and friends and hope.

An Empty Orchestra's tent, Peckham 2007