Welcome To The Freakeasy!

flyer Enter wanderer, to the home of the inconsiderate and the irresponsible, the wanton and the joyful.

Come lie with us, couched in timeless revelry in a forgotten corner of Shunt Vaults buried deep under London Bridge. Venture near, see, hear, ground vibrating, oscilating with the thud of dancers dancing and the din of lions roaring, burning sugar, made up boys, gorillas walzing with young men, painted bodies, squalling actors, skirt hems, braces and boot laces, memories fading and regaining, faces painted and regaling, orphans, teachers, singers, preachers, costume-makers and heart-breakers.

Tonight we raise a glass, nay a barrel to our delightful hosts, the illustrious Collective Beatabet, who find room in their hearts to give us free reign over a night of debauchery in their company. It was love at first sight as we invited a fine selection of their artistes to play our nights, including Bunty and the storming AK/DK. Now it is our turn to tout our wares and it could not be for a finer event.

For your delectation we present a range of acts from the alluring to the downright psychotic, including whisky-soaked blues from Kardy, other-wordly refrains from Tea and Toast Band, lunatic country from the Lonesome Cowboys From Hell, and a selection of auronautical musical artefacts with The Travelling Gentleman's Vanity Phonograph. Madame Marie titillates with a fruity cabaret and the Capsized Smiles round the night see-sawing between slick come-on and punk excess.

Beat! beat! the drum and welcome in everyone.

Programme of Events

Including, but not limited to....

The Ring o' Fire Eaters | Madame Marie | Asparagus Peru (myspace) | Kardy (myspace) | Madame Marie | Tea & Toast Band ((myspace) | Lonesome Cowboys from Hell (myspace) | Pas de Deux DJs | The Capsized Smiles (myspace) | The Travelling Gentleman's Vanity Phonograph

Plus the multifarious acts hosted by Beatabet, featuring trapeze artists, nightmarish guitar gods from hell, and two other rooms of music, performance and art...