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What They Could Do, They Did

Edinburgh, 2006
lineup & artist biographies
music and performance
  • THURSDAY 27 JULY 2006
  • Um Fall Am
  • Les Enfant Bastard
  • Ad Hoc (bio)
  • The Tea and Toast Band (bio) (web)
  • Melonhands & Honiscz DJ set
  • FRIDAY 28 JULY 2006
  • Steed of Destiny
  • Noisebastard
  • Michael Reid the Meat Puppet
  • Hakuna Pesa
  • Daddy I Want A Pony
  • H & the Capsized Smiles
  • Build & Destroy DJ set
  • SATURDAY 29 JULY 2006
  • Fourteen Birds
  • One Million Houses
  • Bearcub (bio)
  • The SPLINTER (bio)
  • In My Sleep
  • Open Improv Session
  • Ignatz Hoch & The Frankenorphans
  • Michael Knowlden
  • Egg(MC Muffin)
  • ...+ spoken word pieces
art work and installation
  • Emily Barnett (web)
  • Rob Bidder (web)
  • Jackie Brett-Holt
  • Kathryn Corlett (bio) (web)
  • Bobby Evans
  • Kat Heath
  • Julia Hodgson (bio)
  • Amy Houston (bio)
  • Daniel Jones (bio) (web)
  • Michael Knowlden (bio)
  • Jess Kendrew
  • Mimi Leung (bio) (web)
  • Tom Moore (bio) (web)
  • Mira Mattar and Celestia Chunk (bio)
  • Gail Owen
  • Molly Palmer (bio)
  • Hestia Peppe (bio) (web)
  • David Rule (web)
  • Kate Hughes
  • Emily Stuart (bio)
  • Garry Sykes (bio)
  • Billy Wright
ad hoc

“We have harmonies which you have not, of quarter-sounds, and lesser slides of sounds. Divers instruments of music likewise to you unknown, some sweeter than any you have, together with bells and rings that are dainty and sweet. We represent small sounds as great and deep; likewise great sounds extenuate and sharp; we make divers tremblings and warblings of sounds, which in their original are entire. We represent and imitate all articulate sounds and letters, and the voices and notes of beasts and birds. We have certain helps which set to the ear do further the hearing greatly. We have also divers strange and artificial echoes, reflecting the voice many times, and as it were tossing it: and some that give back the voice louder than it came, some shriller, and some deeper; yea, some rendering the voice differing in the letters or articulate sound from that they receive. We have also means to convey sounds in trunks and pipes, in strange lines and distances.”

— Francis Bacon, “The New Atlantis” (1626)

les enfant bastard
My teachers at school were Andy Warhol and Kim Gordon, except my art teacher, he went mad when I dropped acid with his son in 5th year. I left school and joined music school but after 4 years it was apparent only musos enrolled. I moved up to Edinburgh because my close family are all from Scotland. Straight away I was drawn to the art school here and worked on my portfolio for three years until I got accepted. I spend my days and nights drawing and painting and making songs. I think MySpace is the best invention of the 21st century. I can write a song at home using a laptop and put it out the world within twenty minutes - that's what I have wanted since I was sixteen. fifteen minutes of fame.
When I was three years old, I used to sing my baby sister to sleep, using a wooden xylophone beater as a pretend microphone. Now I'm a grown-up I make wonky, child-like lullabies from strange instruments I don't really know how to play, and free music software which crashes my laptop every 10 minutes. Sometimes the sounds are quiet and pretty and natural, sometimes they are loud and abrasive and digital, depending on what mood I'm in.
kathryn corlett


VERB (usually int) to put off or defer (an action) until a later time; delay.
>history: from latin procrastinare to post pone until tomorrow, from PRO - + cras tomorrow
>pro,crasti nation NOUN

The endless possibilities of the image are exciting and crushing in pretty much equal proportions. However the satisfaction of making something with which I am pleased be it an image, a film, an animation or a pie is almost unparalleled. The only comparison I can draw is to when I was little and I got a new pair of shoes and I couldn't stop looking at them. I seem to remember wearing them to bed once. Kinda the same . but different ..........

'Black and white and red' & maps & typography & old things & screen prints & skulls & trees & poster art & acronyms & keyboard shortcuts & Seinfeld & Cornwall & circular routes (i.e. going to a place one way and coming back another, turning the journey into loop, I find it strangely satisfying) & sdrawkcab gnitirw & etymology & my friends & my car & Photoshop & finding the most complicated longwinded way of doing something & never doing anything the same way twice & the possibility that I am not just the sum of all these somethings.

julia hodgson

Born in 1982, the unwanted lovechild of Postman Pat and Sheerah - Princess of Power, Julia spent her early years being raised by a family of squirrels who adopted her as their own. With thoughts of fortune and glory, Julia left the nest in her teenage years to pursue a different path, and despite considerable skills in both climbing and foraging Julia had aspirations of being the greatest quiz show contestant of all time. In the years that that followed she enjoyed record-breaking success as the champion of 'Catchphrase', 'Blockbusters' and 'Wheel of Fortune'. Unfortunately Julia lost her considerable wealth of prizes including her brand new Mini Metro from 'Bulls eye' to Ant and Dec during a game of high stakes Tiddley Winks.

Despite this Julia still longed for a creative outlet in life, and her artistic career began with painting the eyes on action men. Quite inexplicably this led to her enrolment at the University of Bristol where she continued using her appearance of a photography student as a guise for her ongoing plans for world domination.

amy houston
i am amy houston__
__i have done many things
__ i have made noise, i have drawn pictures__
i have performed performances__ but now i tend to be filming things__ photographing them and making them happen__
__i am very excited about telling stories__
around you you will find pictures and things from my cache of adventures in art-making
__ i hope you like them__
More penniless than pitiless, I have never truly been a delinquent. I have always been pure of heart and the stars have always accompanied me. Sometimes I write songs to imitate some burning somewhere. I am not a homosexual but I do enjoy the feel of cock in my mouth. I despair that there is no one with whom to share my purity. Even all those explosions were only suicides. There are rules, such that one foot follows the other, which I endeavour to follow. If I was not so lazy I would become a monk and follow my name towards God. As it is I simply hail all those that are building bridges and look forward to my corruption.
mike knowlden

For quite a while I have been trapped in a bit of a cage of cultural consumption without really generating any output; something over which I feel Freud would have a field day. I suppose I'm lucky that Freud is dead and largely discredited, but the personal anxiety remains. Finally a few voluntary and involuntary twitches of making-stuff are coming, and with this in mind I nearly submitted this little poem to stand entirely for my biog:

Too much time spent sucking
Switch to blow
The first hackings of a stentorious engine

Knocking on eardrums from
In just a minute
Open throttle souffle.

I include it now with relative impunity because right now I'm not making any claims of being a creative writer. I also now understand that 'stentorious' implies volume rather than breathiness. For What They Could Do, They Did I'm doing sonic installation, percussion, critical commentary, and possibly cookery. I'm increasingly interested in improvisation, both musically as a result of my experience as a jazz drummer, and also in terms of critical theories and philosophy. Additionally I'm preoccupied with ideas of time and memory, taken up in my critical writing and forthcoming installation.

mimi leung
Born into legend.
molly palmer

The green woodpecker is a handsome, distinctively coloured bird with its crimson head and green and gold plumage. The upper parts are dark, the under-parts greyish-green, the rump yellow. Nape and crown are vivid crimson, the tail black, with green bars. The adult male also has a black patch over the eye region and a crimson moustache-like stripe; in the female this stripe is black.

Like all woodpeckers, the green variety is sturdily built and has a powerful, pointed bill. As its name implies, it is a woodland dweller, though frequently extending its range to parks, orchards and gardens.

The woodpecker's nest, if it can so be termed, is merely a hole drilled into the tree trunk. The entrance is narrow, and a passage then descends perpendicularly for about a foot. At the base of this passage the eggs are laid, no nesting material being added save a few wood chips. The eggs are pointed and translucent, frequently stained brown or yellow by tree secretions. The baby birds are fed with regurgitated food, in milky paste form.

The green woodpecker has no characteristic song, but can be recognised by a loud, laughing sound, which has resulted in the bird being known locally as the Yaffle.

To the venerable Bill Oddie, a real man's man. I wish you were my dad.
Molly Palmer, London.

mira mattar and celestia chunk
Despite our on the whole successful birth, our mother took it as a terrible omen that we were welcomed home by the small children of the town dressed in the lurid and frightening garb of she-witches, devils and hob-goblins. To her credit, within the first years of childhood, we were afflicted with terrible terrors and agonies in all four of our legs which rendered us physically useless - though mentally adventurous. This being well and good, crippled we were and crippled we shall remain. To be sure, we had made many attempts at writing, criticising, feminising, framing, sewing, squawking, stealing and the like but by this point old age had caught up with us and was not proving itself a kind or thoughtful friend. If we do not act soon, it would seem; we risk losing our arms and mouths too to this depraved and base paralysis. We have wild imaginings of bows flying from their arrows and tearing across a sky.
tom moore
This self-evaluation seems more and more impossible to complete. The more time I spend staring at myself (which is generally a lot) the less I know about anything. A friend was told that by the end of his degree he would be beginning to 'own a problem'. I think that my problem has always been my own; all I seem to be doing is somewhat paradoxically narrowing it down by finding out more problems.
hestia peppe
dust in the air makes the light in the air glow. haloes born out of dirt and the prayers which keep these electrical tangles from bursting into flame. on the best days i want to scream my lust into the sky.
The SPLINTER is everywhere.
emily stuart
My name is Emily though I was once called Sadie and I sometimes like to be her still. I am a mistress of many things but for the purposes of this here writing I will tell you only that I sometimes draw things and I sometimes sew things. They are mostly women and they are often pirates. I have aspirations towards piracy myself but until the day I am called to command the high seas, I shall command these instead; my followers, to plunder your toilet bowls, pillage your kitchen sinks and reign terror over your dirty bathwaters. x
garry sykes
Garry lives somewhere between the faded seaside town of his birth and a silver screen. Once when he was seven, he enlisted some local neighbourhood kids to mount an archaeological dig in the copse of trees behind his house, convinced he'd unearth the remains of dinosaurs. When his parents and friends told him that all they'd found that day were the bones of long dead cats and foxes, he refused to believe them, insistent that they were dinosaurs he held in his hands. In defiance, he sterilised the bones and carried them with him in a plastic bag for a month before finally giving in and burying them. He still has trouble accepting realities but these days confines this as much as possible to film-making and photography, fascinated by the human capacity for performance and deceit and the places it leads to.
tea and toast band
a music and art things centred around rob bidder. he has performed as a solo guy and a duo + as a 5 piece band. he mostly makes crumbly drone based songs.