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What They Could Do, They Did is an ongoing series of events operated by a diverse collection of London-based artists, working since 2006 to create an open space in which things can take place that might not happen in a normal art gallery or performance space. It takes the form of an integrated whole, encompassing static and temporary pieces, texts, workshops and live performances. More about us....

What They Could Do, They Did

at The Forest Café, Edinburgh
6 August 2010

FEATURING: Monster Emporium Press, Tom Moore and Garry Sykes' "Marriage", the Ring o' Fire Eaters, H and the Disorderly Chorus, Shape Worship, Ad Hoc, The Glow In The Dark Band... plus GAMES, BINGO, MASS SLAUGHTER, ZINES and DJs...

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The Freakeasy

part of Beatabet's Allfours

Come lie with us, couched in timeless revelry in a forgotten corner of Shunt Vaults buried deep under London Bridge....

Shunt Vaults, London Bridge
Saturday, March 7th 2009
8pm - 3am | £10